We go to extraordinary lengths to deliver


We go to extraordinary lengths to deliver

PR & Marketing Services

Pennington PR is an established marketing and PR company with a talented team who can bring fresh ideas and creativity to your marketing and PR campaigns.

We are passionate about making sure your business gets noticed and know exactly how to  reach your desired audience by securing exciting and impactful media coverage in newspapers and magazines, on websites and on TV and radio. 

We can also help with advertising, event planning,  photography, websites and branding and know how important it is to be cost effective and provide real value for money.


Branding & Design

We can help you to develop a strong and unique brand identity to use across all your marketing activity.


We can help with your advertising campaigns whether this is in print or online. We can help your business to successfully engage with your target audience to ensure advertising meets your business objectives.

Press Releases

We can prepare engaging press releases for your business which we can distribute using our targeted list of media contacts to ensure quality coverage is achieved in your desired media; this could be for a local, national or international audience.

Bloggers & Influencers

We can help you to navigate the world of bloggers and influencers by arranging partnerships and collaborations which can help grow your brand and ultimately lead to an increase in sales for your product or event.

Social Media

Well-managed social media can be one of your most effective marketing tools. The team at Pennington PR can look after your social media accounts and create campaigns that deliver the results you are looking for, including on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Photography & Video

Using our own in-house photographers, we can provide that all important eye-catching imagery to make your PR & marketing campaigns stand out from the crowd.

Website management & creation

We can manage existing websites or project manage the creation of a new one.


The digital team can help manage your online advertising on Google or Facebook and will always keep to your specified budget.

Blog Writing

Our inhouse team of writers can write engaging blogs about your company, product or service which uses content to successfully improve your SEO and google rankings.

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